5 Interesting Ways to Through Halloween Yacht Party

Calm seas, a full moon reflecting off the surface of the water, and chills running down your spine as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween night. Forget haunted hayrides and horror movies, this Halloween is the time to try something new. Thrill seekers and sailors from all over the country sign up and set sail on mega yachts for one of the spookiest nights of the year. Yacht owners, those chartering a boat, and individuals embarking on a major sponsored event should prepare for a night of frights and fun – costumes are required. When it comes to celebrating Halloween on a yacht or boat of any size, a good costume party theme is essential to a successful party. Combine that with the eerie atmosphere of the moonlit ocean and stunning decorations, and party goers are in for an unforgettable Halloween night on the high seas.

Haunted House Theme

Imagine a haunted house on a boat surrounded by water. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You’re simply forced to face your fears. In the style of traditional haunted houses, people dress up as monsters but think of a more nautical setting. Sirens, mermaids, Poseidon, and the like. Not only would it be a special party, unlike any other, but it would make waves, excuse the clinch, for everyone taking part.

Costume Party Theme

If the supernatural setting of a ship at sea isn't enough to get your Halloween spirit going, then a spooky costume theme will certainly do the trick. Some of the most popular Halloween yacht party themes include Shipwrecked Pirates, Titanic Masquerade Ball, Prohibition Speakeasy, Haunted Ghost Ship, and Hollywood Horror Nights. The best of these themes combines a nautical experience with a Halloween twist. Regardless of individual costume decisions, guests will immerse themselves in the theme of the night.

Black Pearl-Long Beach Halloween Yacht Party

Set sail aboard the Endless Dreams party yacht on a thrilling three-hour cruise from Long Beach to kick off Halloween weekend in spirited style for the fifth year in a row. A line-up of amazing DJs is scheduled to spin world house, Top 40, and open format music across 2 floors with 3 different dance areas. Sip drinks from one of the fully stocked cash bars on board or soak up the sights from the upper deck, but be sure to come decked out in costume, or you might miss the boat.

Halloween Candy And Other Treats

Once you have your ship all decked out, your last step is to stock up on goodies. Candy is a must, and doesn't forget to choose a variety: chocolate, gummy, sweet, sour - cover all your bases. Fill your ship's coolers with soda and water. Then bring a few portable coolers on board for extra items. Pack one with tasty spirits and grown-up libations, and fill the other with water and apples for apple cider. Don't forget to bring plenty of paper plates, cups, napkins (preferably Halloween-themed), and garbage bags for cleanup.

Great Devilishly Good Drinks

From Boo-Berry Banana Smoothies to Green Goblin Punch (hint: use lime sherbet), you can come up with all sorts of easy-to-make drinks on board to celebrate a happy Halloween.

Get the kids into the kitchen and get them involved in coming up with flavor combinations and funny names.


Halloween is a time of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, costumes, and of course, some coll tricks. Trick-or-Treaters have found their method out of the neighborhoods and onto the docks. Where they no longer follow their regular sweets from house to house, but now from ship to ship. Marinas and yacht clubs across the country host annual trick-or-treating events at marinas where club members and people living in the surrounding communities can bring their little monsters down to the docks in search of Halloween candy and other treats. These occasions are not just a treat for the kids. But adults seem to be having fun as well.

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