5 Exciting Dress Ideas for Halloween for Girls

Halloween is a great time to get creative with your daughter's costume. From fairy princesses to witches and everything in between. Here's a list of our favorite costumes that we hope your little girl will be excited about!


A witch is one of the most popular Halloween costumes for girls. It's easy to find a witch costume in any store around Halloween but if you want an original one, create your witch costume from scratch by making a hat and broomstick out of paper or cardboard. You can also add colorful warts to your face and wear black boots with purple leggings to complete your look.


Vampire costumes come in many different styles:

Traditional Vampire: This vampire usually wears black clothing with pointed ears, fangs, and pale skin. They may have red eyes or have blood on them if they are thirsty for blood.

Gothic Vampire: This type of vampire may look like a traditional vampire with black clothing and pale skin, but they also tend to wear chains or leather clothing with spikes and dark eye shadow around their eyes. They may have tattoos or jewelry that looks like bones around their neck or wrists.


Ghosts are the perfect costume for a girl who likes to scare people. For this costume, you'll need a white sheet and makeup. Don't forget to make your hair look messy. You can add accessories like hats or glow sticks if you'd like.

Ghosts are scary, but they're also some of the most popular Halloween costumes girls wear. If you're dressing up as a ghost this year, here are some tips:

●    Wear white or light-colored clothing underneath your costume, so it's easier to see through!
●    You can try different kinds of makeup like face paint or lipstick/eyeliner to make yourself look different from other ghosts!
●    You can also use glittery eyeshadow on top of your regular eye shadow for more sparkle!

Scary Doll

If you're looking for a simpler costume, try dressing up as an old-fashioned doll. All you need is a white dress and makeup kit to create a creepy doll look!

●    Use the white dress to your advantage. If it's not already, consider adding some frills to the bottom of the skirt or adding sleeves. If you don't have access to any fabric with those materials, add lace trimming around the bottom hemline and sleeves of the dress—it'll still look great!
●    While we're on dresses: make sure they aren't too short! For this outfit, we'd recommend wearing something like knee-length or longer; no capris or mini skirts here! That said—if that happens to be what floats your boat, then go for it too but make sure it's not too revealing if so.

Queen of Hearts or Queen of Spades

The Queen of Hearts

This classic costume is great for trick-or-treating, parties, or even going out in town. It can be made from inexpensive materials and requires no sewing. Just be a bit creative and you’ll get a classy look in no time. 

The Queen of Spades

If you want to try something new with your Halloween outfit this year, consider dressing up as a queen of spades (also known as a "black widow"). This theme is perfect for those who love playing cards and gives off an air of mystery. You can get ideas on creating this look online by searching for the "queen of spades tutorial."

Wrapping Up

What do you want to be for Halloween? Are you a princess, a witch, or a queen? Maybe you're a scary doll or vampire. Perhaps you'd like to be an angel. There are so many options for girls!

Whatever your choice is for this year's costume party, make sure it's going to stand out in the crowd and get everyone talking about how much fun it was seeing what YOU were dressed up as.

Beth Norris

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