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5 Clothing Tips For Babies That Will Keep Them Warm

Babies can be quite tricky to dress properly. While they usually have bigger heads and longer arms than adults, their bodies are much smaller and need fewer clothes to keep warm. The clothing needs of babies also change with age, as do the materials used to make their clothes. It’s up to parents to keep track of these changes and learn how to dress babies properly to keep them warm during all seasons and weather conditions. Here are five clothing tips for babies that will help keep them warm and prevent them from catching colds and other illnesses.

1. Use The Right Clothes

The best way to keep your baby warm is to dress them in layers. The key to this is having a sweater on underneath the clothing that will be worn over it. This ensures that the clothes can be added or removed depending on how cold it is outside, and provides an extra layer of warmth for when their clothes get wet. 

A waterproof outer shell should also be worn. This will protect their clothes from rain and snow and help them dry faster if they're already wet. An additional jacket can also be included, but make sure it's not too heavy or bulky, so your baby can still move around comfortably when needed. 

2. Get Them Dressed Before They’re Cold

Getting your baby dressed is a good way to keep them warm in the winter. Be sure to wear plenty of clothes, especially socks and a hat. And if they are going outside, dress them in weather-appropriate clothing like a coat, boots, and mittens. When it's cold out, don't forget to bundle them up before you leave the house. Layering is key to keeping babies warm. If they're wearing a short sleeve onesie, throw a fleece sweater over the top for an extra layer of warmth. Top with a jacket, snowsuit, gloves, or mittens for hands - these will help protect against wind chill. Booties or slippers will also add another layer to their feet. Don't forget accessories like hats, scarves, sunglasses, and sunblock!

3. Layering Is Better Than Bulk

Clothing for babies can be very tricky. Unlike adults, who can wear bulkier clothing items that trap heat, babies need to be bundled up. But those bulky clothes can lead to overheating and sweating. Layering is the best way to keep your baby warm without overheating them. A thin layer of clothing is always better than a thick one because it will allow the temperature inside their clothing space to adjust with their body's temperature more easily and make it easier for them to move around freely.

4. Quality Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Some of the best clothing for babies is not the most expensive. Often, cheaper clothes are just as warm and will last longer. It’s important to consider other things when you’re buying new clothes for your baby. For example, do they match your child’s personality? Do they go with your child’s existing wardrobe? If you buy something that doesn’t match, it can be a waste of money in the long run. 

5. Clothes Made With Wool Are Best

Wool is one of the best insulating materials you can use for kids. It's also a natural, biodegradable, and anti-bacterial material, so it's healthier for your baby than polyester or cotton. 

Wool is best used on babies because it won't irritate their sensitive skin like other fabrics. This means they can be in wool clothing without it irritating their skin, which can lead to more problems down the line. Wool also retains its temperature better than most fabrics do, so even if your baby gets wet from being outside or bathed, wool will keep them warm even when wet.


If your baby is too cold, he will be uncomfortable and unhappy. If he's too hot, he might overheat and have difficulty sleeping. Neither of those situations is ideal, so it's always important to ensure your baby isn't too warm or cold while you're out and about. If you follow these simple clothing tips for babies, you should be able to keep them comfortable indoors or out.

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