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5 Baby Toys That Every Kid Should Have

Toys are the first best friends of babies. They explore toys to learn and play with from newborn to around 6-7 years old. Toys play an integral part in kids' social exploration. Toys are the best way to engage your baby's attention happily for hours, and a mother can relax or do her pending tasks.

We can see many kids affiliated with the toys even after growing up. That's what a toy does. They cause an emotional attachment. Here are some must-have toys for your kids.


Teether is the first toy of every kid. Teether has to be normal-sized according to the small hands, so they can easily grab it. The period babies get their teeth on, they need teether the most so they can chew on it, and a great quality teether is a must-have. Nowadays, the market is full of a variety of teethers. 

Rhyming Toys

Rhyming toys are something that is best to stimulate your baby and also best to put them to sleep. These rhyming toys are getting popular because they can change songs, rhymes, music, or anything else. They help your babies to be happy when they are unhappy. Babies react to the wording, and constant repetition makes them learn new words. 


Blocks are a great source of joy for babies. Walking babies and those parents who want to keep their baby inside the house, blocks are for you. Blocks are the oldest and most classical way of playing. Baby can build them into a certain shape or can count as well. These blocks come in every material. Parents or teachers can teach many forms, alphabets, and basic concepts.

Giant Sized Stuff Toy

Giant-sized stuffed toys can be a doll or any other toy which gives your baby a comfortable feeling. Sometimes our babies need personal space, and they find their secret friends in such toys. They talk to them, and if we say they are the first friends of our babies, then it's not false. 

Most babies love to sleep with their stuffed toys. So, a normal or a giant-sized stuffed toy is a must-have for your baby.

Talking Cactus

That is a bestselling toy nowadays. The most interesting thing about this toy is that babies and their parents enjoy it. It can copy your voice and can repeat after you. Its cheerful music creates a pleasant feeling for a toddler. This toy grabs the child's attention immediately. 

A Ball 

A ball is a creative way to get or divert a baby's attention. You can tap the ball on the surface, and the rhythm cause baby to get cheerful. Baby crawls toward the ball and feels pleased. Parents can show the baby how to bounce and throw a ball at a distance. All these activities will fill your baby's day and heart with joy.


Rattles grab the immediate attention of the baby, and parents have been using them for so long to make their crying baby calm or anyway happy. Rattles develop a sense of touch and feel in a toddler. They have a ball inside them which makes a noise and creates a sound that babies like the most. 


Books for toddlers are the best way to gain knowledge at the very initial stage. They learn the alphabet through books. Going through a book leads them to know the basic colors and shapes and a curiosity to explore more and more. Parents can buy their kids drawing books so they can draw and feel free to make mistakes and pick colors or do bad coloring. 

Now there is another category of books which is story books with images. Babies from age 3 onwards till their teens love to read such books. They can read and see pictures and get ideas in their imaginations. Their minds get filled with information, and they can become successful readers.


Toys are the best partners for your kids. Through toys, your babies can be able to develop cognitive learning. Their thinking skill gets better with it. Toys directly comprise the emotional attachments of a child. So many unethical toys are also available on the market, and they negatively affect our kids' minds. It's our responsibility to always provide our kids with the best and most ethical stuff.

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