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15 Best Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for 2022

It's finally time to put up the Christmas tree, or at least, it's time to start thinking about Christmas tree decorations. We are counting down the days until it becomes socially acceptable to do so. Choose from a real or artificial Christmas tree to get started, then start thinking about holiday decorations, festive garlands, unique tree trunks, string lights, and anything else you want to put on your tree. 

Above all, decorating a Christmas tree is more than just adding pretty holiday decorations. This is a beloved annual family tradition. As you scroll through this article, there's something for everyone. Beautiful displays with neutral garlands and traditional ornaments, striking white Christmas trees, and Christmas crafts for kids, especially displays full of home jewelry.

15 Best Ideas for Christmas Trees 

You can choose to focus on a particular theme as you gather ideas, such as a rustic door, a whimsical Christmas tree theme, or a tree full of ribbons for prizes. Alternatively, you may decide to focus on a specific Christmas tree color trend for 2022. Red and green are a classic combination, but we also love blue and white, different shades of green, and metallics. There are so many possibilities!

We've rounded up the best Christmas tree decorating ideas to unleash your creativity this holiday season. Whether you prefer a traditional red and green color scheme or whimsical arrangements with vibrant colors and glittery garland.

1.    Homemade Ornaments

Fill your Christmas tree with handmade ornaments to give it a unique feel. You can use felt, fringe, salt dough, and even mixed paint to replace the glass ornament.

2.    Tinsel-Covered Tree

Fill each trunk of your tree with tinsel to add charm and sparkle. We especially like the traditional silver look. For visual contrast, accessorize the setting with ornaments in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

3.    Christmas Tree Village

Start with a four-foot pink Christmas tree to create that eclectic look, and then use bottle brushes and miniature wooden houses as ornaments (after you've painted and decorated them, of course).

4.    Citrus Garland Tree

If you're going for a Christmas tree motif with a natural feel, make your own colorful garland using tines and dehydrated lemons. Play up the rustic appeal of your tree by placing it in a woven basket.

5.    Mix and Match Ornaments

By mixing and matching handmade, store-bought, and nostalgic ornaments, you can embrace more whimsy and fill your tree with memories. Allow the children to help hang the ornaments around, but make sure not to move them when they look around.

6.    Stone-Loon Ornaments

You don't have to buy brand-new jewelry just because you want to stick with a certain color scheme. Spray paint them to match the year's theme, like blogger Ashley Renee did to create these beautiful, stone-like ornaments.

7.    Vintage Ribbon Tree

Dad will now have the perfect opportunity to proudly display his bowling medals. For a unique look, pair her favorite ribbon with other jewelry in your collection.

8.    Marble Ornaments

If you enjoy the marble look, then this cool nail polish design is perfect for you. Fill a container with hot water to start brewing. Pour several shades of nail paint into the container at a time. The goal is to ensure the nail paint floats. To achieve a marbling effect, carefully swirl the colors together on a skewer. Then, quickly dip the desired painted part of the ornament into the mixture. The ornament should then be removed from the water, allowed to dry completely, and then set aside.

9.    Prize Ribbons

Embrace the traditional Christmas tree idea, thanks to bright award ribbons. Pink, blue and yellow pastels should be harmonious with intense red tones.

10.    Candy Tree Decorations

A garland made of artificial hard candies in a variety of neon colors can be used to decorate a tree that is coated in candy. Then add candy ornaments such as candy ribbons, candy canes, and lollipops to the spaces.

11.    Brush Stroke Ornaments

Replace your traditional glass or plastic ornaments with abstract-painted designs. The secret is to use paintbrushes of different sizes and shapes.

12.    Plain Ribbon Garland

Swap the tinsel garland for a thick checkered ribbon to avoid going overboard with bling and glitter. 

13.    Recycled Cardboard Ornaments

Never before has recycled cardboard looked so good! Corrugated cardboard packaging from your recycling bin can be used. Just cut it into strips of different lengths. To reveal the ribbed interior of the paper, peel off the top layer of the paper. Roll the cardboard strips to join using hot glue, starting with the largest piece. Once you get the shape you like, add more small strips with hot glue and keep moving. Add a decorative loop of ribbon to the top for hanging after covering it with craft or spray paint to complete the design.

14.    Pom-Pom Tree Topper

A pom-pom tree topper will add color and creativity to your Christmas tree. Bright ornaments and fun decorations complete the charming design.

15.    Vintage Christmas Card Decorations

For a simple change, carve your favorite Christmas cards from years past directly onto the tree.


When creating your ideal Christmas tree design, check out the top Christmas fashion trends. This year, there are tons of great designs, ribbons, patterns, and more to help you make the perfect one for your home.

We hope these 2022 Christmas tree decorating trends and ideas inspire you to bring the perfect season into your home!

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