05 Best Swimsuits on JOLYN and Their Reviews

Swimsuits by JOLYN are praised for their durability. There's nothing worse than a suit that wears out or stretches before the season, and JOLYN's high-quality fabrics ensure that won't happen. According to a client, who claims to be not the only girl who can tell, she has been wearing the JOLYN two-piece she purchased four years ago. The fact that they have gorgeous colors and prints is encouraging. You could occasionally notice the extra cloth as you move through the water.

By optimizing existing production equipment and investing nearly 1 million USD in new production equipment, JOLYN has succeeded in building a state-of-the-art production facility with more than 80 employees and a monthly output of approximately 100,000 clothes. Their main goal is to become the number one supplier of premium swimwear and active wear in our region.

05 Best Swimsuits on JOLYN 

•    The Murray 
•    The Chevy
•    The Gavin
•    The Scotty
•    Brazil

The Murray 

The MURRAY swimsuit is ideal if your torso is longer than the rest of your body, or if you are really tall and skinny and have problems finding the proper piece. Especially when worn underneath a tank top, this double-breasted jacket with crossover detail on the back looks wonderful at the beach and by the pool.

The Chevy

CHEVY is another great choice for curvy girls! This incredibly fashionable site will always be in vogue and properly fit your figure! CHEVY is the item you need if you want something that will always be a mainstay in your swimwear collection.

The Gavin

For the perfect butt coverage, look, nothing is better than GAVIN. This style has unique side cutouts that customers have found to cover the buttocks even more completely than other styles like the Jackson. Although, if you don't have a reasonable amount of loot to fill in the extra gear, this style might not be ideal for you.

The Scotty

The SCOTTY is the ideal one-piece style for your body type if your torso is shorter than the rest of your body. With a classic crossover back and perfect butt coverage, this is a basic swimsuit style you'll live forever.


If you're looking for SKIMPY COVERAGE, then the BRAZIL bikini bottom is for you! Brazilian bottoms are low on the hips and dip in the front while being super slim in the back to give you that sassy, low-rise look. This swimsuit is popular with surfers and beach goers. 

How To Buy?

This is the best option to find a physical store near you, but if you don’t find any, then go to the official site of JOLYN and buy your favorite swimsuit. 
Purchase from the JOLYN website

Order through Amazon - A note about shopping on Amazon: costume descriptions do not give you an idea of the style you are buying. So, if you're concerned about finding a swimsuit with adequate butt coverage, we recommend deciding on a style before shopping on Amazon. For a discount on your order, use JOLYN Coupon Code.

JOLYN and Their Reviews

Listen to the JOLYN reviews from some customers:

Review 1:

I would 100% recommend JOLYN's bikinis and one-pieces for working out. One of the top brands of competitive swimwear is JOLYN. They're specially designed for high-intensity activities, so you don't have to worry about your wardrobe malfunctioning! Although they can be a bit pricey, they last a long time, so you'll get what you pay for.

Review 2:

As a competitive swimmer with many years of experience wearing JOLYN swimsuits, this is my personal opinion. JOLYN suits, two-piece or one-piece, are of amazing quality and last forever! They are great for exercising as they have a low resistance design and are comfortable to wear for long periods. The bottoms of both pieces have drawstrings to keep them in place during exercise. The patterns are super cute, and the jumpsuits never pull or dust and stay put. Definitely, it is a great choice for swimming.

Review 3:

Most body types can wear them comfortably, and they don't slide off the skin. Most of my swim team wears simple swimsuits, but that's because we're up north and swim indoors. But during the summer, we all wear them. They may seem expensive, but the first one I bought is still in perfect condition, as I just bought it. Good company.


If you're a surfer of any level, I'm sure you've encountered several bikini issues in the water. If you're a water sports enthusiast who likes to look good but pushes yourself to the limit at the same time, get yourself a pair of JOLYNs. They are not only exquisitely constructed but also available in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit ladies of various body types. I also guarantee that it will not be your last buy from them because it is so reasonably priced.

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