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Safety Precaution Tips For Your Home While You’re Away

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes and protect those who come to visit us. You must devote time and effort to putsafety measures in place in your home. When there are youngsters in the house, this is especially vital. When you prepare for your trip, you must think about your house safety. Without this, you can’t go anywhere.

Home Security Tips While You're Away

Here are some tips for keeping your home safe from disasters and break-ins while you're away.

Store valuables in a safe

Remove all pricey technical items and valuables from your locker before going on vacation. While you can trust a relative or friend with your laptop, DVD players, and even your television, gold, and other valuables should be kept in a bank.

While on vacation, this will not only provide you with peace of mind but also protect your belongings. Follow these home safety tips if you don't want somebody breaking into your house while you're away.

Shut off the water and gas valves

Turn off the water and gas valves before you leave to keep your home secure while you're away. This will protect your home from plumbing leaks and cooking fires while you're away on vacation.Furthermore, you will save money on your utilities because no one at home will use water or gas.

This low-cost preventative precaution can secure your property while you're on vacation, so you won't have to worry about any of these issues and can simply enjoy yourself.

Hold your mail

If you're going to be gone for more than a few days, contact your local post office to have mail delivered held until you return. They have a three-to-thirty-day holding period for mail. You can even submit a cease mail request online in many places. Simply input your address and the dates you want to stop and start. If you are living in the US, then you can get benefit from this service that is provided by the United States Postal for free.

Maintain your lawn

If you're a conscientious homeowner who mows his lawn, it's easy to assume you're not around when things start to look overgrown and neglected. If you're going to be gone for a long time, hire someone to take care of the landscaping.

Make sure your thermostat is set

Even if you don't want to waste energy and money when you're not at home, it's a good idea to adjust your thermostat so that your air conditioner cycles on and off regularly. Because visitors will see or hear your external condenser unit, this will give the appearance that you are at home and business as usual.

For this purpose, you must need a good quality thermostat for your home. We recommend you to buy a thermostat from ecobee because they are trustworthy, and you may utilize their ecobee discount codes to get a discount.

Don’t shout it from the rooftops

Going on vacation, no matter where you're going is exhilarating. You'll naturally want to share your joy – and even boast a little – with the individuals you meet. But if you are going on a long trip, don’t let other people know this. Tell only trusted friends and family members about your trip plans. Don’t let others people know that your home is empty.

Be careful about your social media posts                      

We understand how appealing it is to share details or photos from your vacation on social media. However, while that barely-filtered photo of a beautiful blue lagoon makes all your friends envious, it also reveals to potential thieves that you're far away from home. Don't share any facts about your travel until you return to keep robbers away.

To delete geotags from social media posts, use a metadata removal tool or disable geotagging on your phone. Make sure your sharing options are set to "Friends Only" or "Private" as well.

Remove your spare key from the ignition.

We're confident you've devised a clever technique to hide your extra key that doesn't involve putting it beneath a flowerpot, above a doorframe, or beneath a fake plastic rock. A seasoned crook, on the other hand, is likely to spend a long time searching for it. Remove the key before leaving and leave it with a neighbor for safekeeping to avoid handing over your goods to a burglar on a silver platter.

Electronics should be turned off.

While you're away, disconnecting the electricity to some of your equipment, such as your desktop computer, coffee machine, and television, can save you money and relieve the concern of leaving them on by accident. And don't forget to bring your portable GPS if you'll be parked at the airport for a long time. It will alert crooks that you are away from home and supply them with a map of your residence.


It doesn't make you feel good either. The majority of these safety steps, however, can be completed in a single weekend. Never think about any fear or live your life in any fear, you must go on a trip. Avoid potential hazards by taking preventative measures and preparing yourself for emergencies instead.


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