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Naturepedic Shopping Guide And Brand Review 2022

Many of us are accustomed to purchasing organic produce at the supermarket or scrutinizing the ingredients in our skincare products, but have you considered sleeping on an organic mattress? People purchase organic household cleaners to prevent harmful chemicals, but they are often unaware that the mattress they sleep on may also contain harmful chemicals.

Organic mattresses, to put it simply, are non-toxic and chemical-free, as well as being built of higher-quality, natural materials. Finally, buying an organic mattress is not about following green marketing fads; it's about making a decision based on human effect and global sustainability. Moreover, you just need to know does naturepedic mattress lasts a lifetime?

The cost of an organic mattress should not be the only consideration. You can save money by utilizing a naturepedic promo code. Social responsibility, ethical farming techniques, ethical production standards, and equitable remuneration are all required. We asked the experts what makes a mattress organic, and they shared their recommendations for the best organic mattresses currently available.

What Characterizes An Organic Mattress?

"Organic refers to components manufactured entirely of natural materials, without the use of pesticides in farming or chemicals in processing," explains Dell' Accio. Organic mattresses, according to Cik, are composed of high-quality materials such as organic cotton, wool, and latex and are free of flame retardants and other potentially harmful chemicals.

EOS Series Mattress Collection From Naturepedic

The EOS latex mattress collection from Naturepedic is completely customized. The line comprises hybrid and foam-only mattresses in a variety of heights and stiffness levels. According to Naturepedic, the EOS is their most popular mattress line.

Material / Style

Naturepedic is one of the most well-known brands for healthy and organic bedding, and one of the few bedding companies to be certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. This bedding is composed completely of cotton that has been grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides, or GMOs (Generally Modified Organisms).

This product has no allergens that may harm a baby's skin, thanks to its latex-free elastic perimeter and natural cotton. Cotton is available in white or ivory and is unbleached. For use in most conventional baby cribs, cradles, and bassinets, you may choose from a range of styles and sizes.

Mattresses by Naturepedic

Naturepedic offers three kinds of mattresses, as well as mattresses for children's beds and cribs. To make it easier to navigate, we organized our reviews by mattress collection: Chorus and Serenade, EOS, Halcyon, and kids and infant mattresses.

Guide to Pricing

Mattress pricing at Naturepedic varies by size, model, and collection. Naturepedic mattresses, like most organic manufacturers, are pricy, owing to the high-quality materials employed. Depending on the brand, a queen-size mattress might cost anywhere between $ 300 and $ 1,600 when purchased online.

Naturepedic mattresses, which are produced with high-quality materials and go through a rigorous certification process. It have a luxury price tag, with a queen mattress costing $ 2,500 on average. The price ranges for Naturepedic queen-size mattresses are listed below.

  • $ = under $ 3,000
  • $$ = $ 3,000- $ 4,000
  • $$$ = over $ 4,000

Naturepedic Sheets - Key Features

  • Cotton that is 100 percent organic (approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard as containing no additional chemicals)
  • The entire circumference is stretchy (latex-free)
  • There are two neutral colors to choose from (white and ivory)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available in a variety of sizes for bassinets, cribs, and cradles
  • Made in the United States
  • Thread count: 300
  • Weave: Sateen

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton
  • High-quality, soft fabric
  • Latex-free elastic perimeter
  • Simple to clean
  • Large selection of sizes
  • Cools and warms newborns in the summer and winter.


  • Easily wrinkles 
  • Fragile seams that break easily
  • Natural color is not always consistent.
  • High-end price


Naturepedic is a mattress company that solely employs organic and natural materials. Our mattresses are certified by several organizations to ensure that they are both safe for humans and the environment. Some Naturepedic mattresses contain wool, which makes them incompatible with vegan lifestyles. Other businesses follow the same guidelines. Anyone looking for a natural mattress should do their homework and study reviews on a variety of websites.


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