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How To Know That My Cat Has Fever?

Cats are mysterious creatures. They can hide their pain and appear indifferent to outside observers when they are in excruciating agony. Owning a kitty comes with lots of responsibilities. One of them is why monitoring your cat for signs of illness and infection is so important.

Cats tend to be solitary creatures, preferring to keep to themselves rather than interact with humans or other animals. This makes it difficult to monitor them for changes that may indicate health problems or disease. There are several ways you can know if your cat has a fever and take action before it becomes dangerous.

What Is A Fever In Cats?

A fever is an increase in body temperature above the baseline or the normal temperature of the cat. The normal body temperature for cats can vary between different species, ages, and activities. Cats' normal temperature is between 100° F and 102° F. A fever can be caused by infection or other diseases that cause the immune system to overreact and produce cytokines.

A high fever can be dangerous. It is important to know if your cat has a fever and what you can do to help them. Many cats will show signs if they are sick, but they will not always show signs of a fever. Some cats will show no signs of illness at all, even when they are very sick. It is important to know the signs of a fever in cats that need medical attention.

Know The Signs Of Fever In Cats

If you discover that your cat has a fever, it is important to know the signs of that fever. Different types of fevers are characterized by different symptoms. Knowing them will help you recognize the signs of fever and take action before it becomes dangerous.

Fever that is caused by an infection is often accompanied by lethargy and sometimes a decrease in appetite. 

Cytokine-related fever might cause an increase in appetite and a dry mucous membrane in the mouth and nose. A fever caused by cancer or hyperthyroidism might cause a loss of appetite and a behavior change. 

A fever caused by a brain tumor might not cause any symptoms at all initially. Knowing the signs will help you to determine if your cat has a fever and what type it might be.

Causes Of Fever In Cat

There are many reasons why a cat may have a fever. As mentioned, these reasons depend on the type of fever the cat has. Below are some of the most common causes of fever in cats.


Infections can cause a fever, especially bacterial infections. These are the most common cause of fever in cats. They often cause lethargy and a decrease in appetite. Cats with infections may also have a dry mouth, nose, and eyes.

Wounds And Surgery

After surgery or any type of wound, the body responds with inflammation. This inflammation can cause a fever.


Some parasitic worms can cause a fever, especially roundworms.


This is an overproduction of thyroid hormone. It can cause a high fever. 

Brain Tumors

Brain tumors can cause a high fever. This may be the only symptom. - Metabolic disorders: Some metabolic disorders can cause a fever.

Medication For Fever Of Cat

If your cat has a fever, you may be wondering if you should medicate them. There are several ways you can treat a cat with a fever. 

Changing Their Environment

Environmental changes may include removing the cat from the source of the fever. Adding extra blankets and warmth and getting rid of drafts.

Changes In Diet

Changing your cat’s diet can help with some fevers. This is especially true if your cat has a metabolic disorder. Switching from dry food to a wet food diet can help with some fevers.


If a change in diet does not work, you can try a medication. These include Aspirin and ibuprofen. You can also try acetaminophen to treat a fever. Be careful not to give too much acetaminophen. It can be toxic to cats.

Warming Pads

You can use a warming pad to help lower a fever in cats. This can help to reduce inflammation.


Knowing the signs of a fever in cats is important, so you can treat it early and effectively. It is important to be aware of the different types of fevers, their causes, and their signs, so you can treat them properly. There are several ways you can treat a fever in cats. Depending on the type of fever, you can change their environment, diet, or give them medication. You can also use warming pads to help lower a fever.

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