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Does Naturepedic Mattress Last And Lifetime?

Want to buy a naturepedic mattress? Then, you just need to read a complete naturepedic shopping guide. The only crib mattress that is certified organic, breathable, and waterproof is the Naturepedic Breathable Organic Baby Crib Mattress! This two-stage lightweight mattress has every safety feature a crib mattress might need. It's all about added comfort and safety with breathable crib mattresses. Simply, when newborns are uncomfortable, they cry more. Airflow under the baby helps to remove heat and regulate temperature, resulting in fewer sweaty backs.

Designed with organic and non-toxic materials, this Naturepedic Organic Breathable Baby Crib Mattress provides parents with a more natural, healthier, and comfortable sleeping environment. This mattress has a cover made of organic cotton, a fill made of organic cotton, seamless waterproof edges, a dual firmness system with two stages, wall support, and a patented easy-to-clean waterproof surface. 

Features And Lifetime of Naturepedic Mattress

Naturepedic mattresses have a lot of features, and one of our favorites is the naturepedi promo code. By using this promo code, you can get a discount on the purchase of a mattress.

A 100% Breathable Mattress

According to studies, around 26% of newborn deaths are caused by unintentional asphyxia. It is terrifying when an infant dies unexpectedly. Having permeable goods in your crib, such as a breathable crib mattress, is one thing we can do to help prevent this sad fate. Naturepedic's crib mattress is one of my favorites because it's not only 100 percent breathable, but it's also waterproof, which is unique in the market. Other mattresses are made of permeable materials. However, the majority of them aren't organic or completely waterproof. It's a one-of-a-kind item.

Waterproof Naturepedic Mattress

One of the characteristics that distinguish Naturepedic's mattresses is their capacity to be both highly breathable and efficiently waterproof. The mattress can be simply wiped clean in the event of a spill thanks to a waterproof-coated layer of organic cotton fabric. To prevent liquids from further penetrating the mattress, the seams are heat-sealed. Heat-sealed seams provide enhanced safety because there are no loose threads from sewing that could be grabbed and become a choking danger.


Because organic materials are used, you won't have to worry about your child's allergies being triggered by the mattress. Naturepedic mattresses are dust mite and bed insect resistant, so your infant will have no irritation or discomfort while sleeping.

Quality Workmanship

Naturepedic is a Chagrin Falls, Ohio-based Company run by a family. Amish artisans pay close attention to details so that their work is durable for a long time. We're proud to offer the greatest organic mattresses on the market.

Limited Warranty of 20 Years

Normal mattresses typically last anywhere from five to ten years, whereas some types of mattresses can last even longer than this. We're so sure of our products that we're willing to back them up with a 20-year limited warranty. We're proud of our low warranty claim rates, but we're always here if you need us.


The mattress is made to fit snugly inside ordinary cribs. When installed within the crib, the Naturepedic mattress does not leave any unsightly gaps. As per the recommended fit test, you should be able to fit two fingers between the mattress and the crib.


Several customers have complained about the amount of comfort provided by Naturepedic mattresses for their children. While the majority of parents say that their babies or toddlers sleep comfortably on these mattresses, some may find the Classic to be overly hard.


Naturepedic mattresses are well worth the money if you're in the market for an organic mattress or a high-quality mattress that ensures your baby sleeps well. The makers of these mattresses put a lot of thought into making them the best. Although the price is a little exorbitant, you are obtaining a long-lasting, durable, and indisputably safe device for your child. Naturepedic mattress is so good quality.

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