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Does Naturepedic Mattress Last A Lifetime?

A bed mattress is one of those elements that you should buy once and forget about. We believe that the double-sided light of the small moon dormant dreamer is the best choice for most families after having spent 11 hours studying hundreds of mattresses and one-month testbed. It gives your child a sleeping company, comfortable, easy to clean surface from childhood until they are ready for a big bed.

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What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Mattress?

The average mattress lasts between five and ten years, although some types can last for a longer period. Gel beds, for example, they last 5-8 years compared with foam and spring mattresses, which last seven to ten years. Mattress hybrid, on the other hand, must continue for at least ten years. Latex, on the other hand, lasts longer than all of them with the age of 12-20 years (all thanks to the extreme hardness of rubber).

Why We Use Naturepedic And What We Love About It?

A good night's sleep begins with a comfy bed mattress, which helps children avoid more serious difficulties as they grow older. Growth retardation, immune system risk, low mood, and physical health difficulties are all possibilities. Naturepedic, fortunately for parents concerned, offers top-of-the-line mattresses manually that will keep your baby safe and healthy. Naturepedic stands out from the competition in the market with specialized features supported by the certificates and awards.

What Is The Ideal Thickness Of The Small Bed Mattress?

In one word, the small bed is smaller, less expensive, and more convenient for homes with limited space. The simple family considers buying a folding, portable, and less expensive bed than a full-sized bed which may be expensive. Measurements of a small bed mattress is 24 inches × 38 inches and 1.4 inches thick.

How The Company Is The Cradle Of The Naturepedic Mattress ?

Every bed Naturepedic bed is the ideal package for your child, which led to a safer sleep environment. We use our organic cotton padding in all our bed mattresses, which led to the surface of the mattress that is extremely soft for your baby without sacrificing packages.

Who Owns The Bed Naturepedic?

CIK, Barry A.

Barry A.

CIK is the creator and artistic director for Naturepedic, a manufacturer of certified organic mattresses.

Features of a Naturepedic Mattress

Adults can sleep on the bed of the child

It should not be the child left alone in an adult bed. Do not put the baby to sleep on a soft like a soft mattress, sofa, or water surface. Make sure the mattress on your bed is fixed.

When can use a small bed?

Aged between one and two. The smallest family can be used until your child is 1-2 years of age, depending on the design. However, if you choose a small bed convertible, the components will continue for several years. By removing one of the bars of some small families, they can be converted into a small day bed.

Mattress protector with organic water leakage

Keep fresh bed and clean without the use of chemicals. Made upper and bottom of the GOTS 100 percent cotton certified organic, with a waterproof layer that is very thin in the middle. And stretch knit fabric is smooth and quiet, so flexible that you will not even notice it's there. It allows water vapor to travel through while blocking completely fluid, reducing sweat and moisture more fun to sleep.

Filling: organic cotton          

Organic cotton is the purest kind of cotton, which is the best option available for the manufacture of synthetic fibers and foams. Buy Naturepedic directly from the Ministry of Agriculture certified suppliers and mattresses filled with only the United States has grown organic certified cotton. This improves purity and organic consistency and supports American farmers.

Made in the United States

Naturepedic is glad to offer the greatest organic mattress creation here in the United States, and the business is a family-owned business with an exceptional reputation for high-quality products and excellent customer service. When you take the mattress we have, we employ a mix of fabric and original ingredients imported. You can boast support for US jobs and industry when buying Naturepedic products you can also be confident that your bed was made with love.


A naturepedic mattress is the best option if you have any back pain or any kind of sleeping issues. It helps to relieve your stress and gives you a comfortable sleep overnight. Some naturepedic mattresses last forever, but some can’t. It all depends on how you are taking care of your mattress.


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