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5 Surprising Baby Monitor Mistakes You May Be Making

We've all been there—you're walking through the nursery to check on your sleeping baby. As you glance at the baby monitor, you notice that he or she has moved positions in the middle of the night, and his or her face is now pressed against the side of the crib or lying directly on top of their arm. While it's easy to panic and rush into their room to make sure that nothing bad has happened, this could be a dangerous mistake. Here are some common mistakes parents make when using baby monitors and how you can avoid them in the future.

Not Setting Up Your Monitor Correctly

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when they set up their monitor, and it's an easy fix! If you have a dedicated monitor for each child in your home, try to place them in the same room. This will allow you to use one camera on two children instead of two cameras on one child. If this isn't possible, you can use the zoom function on your monitor to see both kids at once. 

Mounting The Camera In An Awkward Place

Don't mount the camera too high or too low. Mounting it too high will make your baby's crib look like a doll house, and mounting it too low will give you a distorted view of your baby. Place the camera within range of an outlet, so it can run on battery power for a few hours without interruption in case of a power outage. Finally, be aware that some parents find their baby monitors hacked by hackers looking to spy on people - if this happens to you, contact authorities immediately!

Having No Night Light Feature

New parents make the common mistake of installing a baby monitor without a nightlight feature. Babies are used to sleeping in the dark, and bright light from your baby monitor may wake them up, keeping them from sleeping as much as they need to. This can cause issues for mom and dad when they have to get up at night. If you don't want to turn off the lights in your house, put a lamp next to the crib. 

Another mistake new parents make is not setting up their monitor properly. It's important that you install it somewhere close enough to hear what's going on but far enough away, so you're not constantly bombarded with a sound all night long.

Expecting Crystal Clear Images 24/7

It's very common to be frustrated with the quality of your baby monitor. We're here to set the record straight and explain what you can do to ensure you get the most out of your monitor. One mistake we often see is expecting crystal clear images 24/7. Many monitors require installation by a professional, so if this is not something that you have done yet, don't get discouraged! Many things factor into image quality, such as signal strength and age or model of the device itself. We recommend considering these factors before purchasing your next monitor.

Not Checking Your Wi-Fi Connection

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up a Wi-Fi baby monitor is not checking their Wi-Fi connection. All it takes is for one bar to be weak, and your signal will suffer, leading to choppy video or audio feeds. Invest in a strong signal booster if you're struggling with this issue.


Keeping an eye on your little one is so important. Whether they're sleeping, taking a nap, or playing in the other room, having an idea of what's happening can be comforting. But there are some things you might be doing that are making it harder for you to monitor them effectively. These mistakes often go unnoticed because we're focused on our child and not the device itself.

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